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What is Ham Radio?

Ham Radio (also know as Amateur Radio) is a Hobby, and it’s a Service.



As a Hobby, Ham Radio is the hobby of a thousand hobbies! And, it is a hobby of a lifetime!  You can take Ham Radio with you in your car, on your boat, hiking up a mountain, to a park – the possibilities are endless.  You can build your own antennas and radios, or buy them commercially manufactured.  You can talk with other hams across town, around the world, or even in space.  You can communicate using Morse Code, Voice, Video or Digital (like texting on your phone).  You can bounce signals off the ionosphere around the world, or communicate via Satellites.  Just want to make new friends and talk – you can do that.  Feeling more competitive?  There are contests almost every weekend.



As a Service, Ham Radio provides valuable communications at Public Service events such as Parades, Road Races and County Fairs, and Emergency Communications during events such as Weather and Natural Disasters.


More Info

The ARRL (American Radio Relay League) has an excellent write-up on Ham Radio.
ARRL – What is Ham Radio


Getting Started

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